Services Overview

Moisture Investigation          Infrared scan of interior wood stud framing     AMS Technician stage II     

Investigation, Assessment, Remediation, & Control are the core factors that are considered in the development of every remediation strategy for all of our projects.  

  • Investigation

            (Mold / Moisture)

  • Assessment

            (Initial Inspection & Damage Evaluation)

  • Remediation

            (CAT 1 to CAT 3 Water Damage Mitigation & Source, Local, & Full Containment for Mold Remediation)

  • Control

            (Control Plan / Long Term Prevention & Maitenance Plan)

  • Mitigation Consult

            (Practical and efficient remediation strategy development)

  • Immediate Response Protocol Development

            (24 hr Emergency Response Plans)

  • Subrogation Investigation & Documentation

            (Thermo-graphic Infra-Red Survey & Digital documentation including brief interviews and evidence collection)

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